The annual biggest book exhibition in Indonesia, Indonesia International Book Fair 2016, will be held again on 28 September till 2 October 2016 at Jakarta Convention Center. Every year, there is one country that will cynosure of Indonesian reader. Past year, South Korea had been our fabulous Guest of Honor, and succeed introduce their literature and other tradition. This year, Malaysia will take a part bring their literature and other culture in Indonesia through IIBF 2016. Chief delegation of Malaysia, M. Khair Ngadiron, said, “Malaysia formally and openly, has been accepting opportunity to be Guest of Honor Indonesia International Book Fair 2016,”

Malaysia was officially declared to accept the proposal of IIBF to be the Guest of Honor (GOH) on Thursday, April 28th after make sure the support of their government. Being part of IIBF Guest of Honor in 2016, according to Khair is an event for both nations in terms of science. Through this occasion Indonesia and Malaysia are still allied wilt have plenty of room to know each other, “culture and literature is a wide space to unite us,” he said.

Khair said Malaysia chosen to be a Guest of Honor of Indonesian International Book Fair 2016 is a pride. In his speech, He also expressed his surprise will lunge Indonesia Publisher Association in the event of international bookfair. “I am very proud when Indonesia so the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Then I was surprised also Indonesia there was also at the London Book Fair, and the Bologna Book Fair, “he explained. Malaysia’s presence in the biggest book fair in Indonesia is also a certain affirmation of literacy Malaysian activists struggle in the international book event.

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